"I was searching for reliable information, supported by research rather than hysteria. I received this information and much more from Allison Cecere, RD. She opened a whole new world for me; guiding and encouraging me to reach my ideal weight with 18 pounds of weight loss, lowering my cholesterol to normal, incorporating an exercise routine and advising me on (dietary) supplements to aid in my recovery and optimum health"
---KK, Katonah, NY
"Because of your nutrition program, I have been able to gain back the almost 20 lbs. I lost due to cancer and chemo. I was very diciplined about following your healthy diet plan, and I thank you so much for helping me get thru a very difficult time."
---EH, Katonah, NY
"I thought of you when I got off the scale today, so I wanted to share my good news. I just passed the 30 pound mark! Yeah! Not bad, right?"
---LK, Westchester County, NY
" I met with Allison three times. During those visits, she spent a great deal of time with me, explaining everything thoroughly and answering all my questions. I found her to be most knowledgeable, articulate, and to have a great deal of integrity. Allison gave me a nutritional program suited to my own needs..."
---IH, Yorktown Heights, NY