Our Services

Maintaining healthful dietary and lifestyle practices can improve one’s general health, well being, reduce the risk for chronic conditions, and help to manage more urgent health concerns.

Our approach to nutrition therapy and education is a true balance between science and sensibility. We understand that in order for any nutrition plan to be successful, it must be sustainable – it has to make sense for your life, family and fit in with your daily activities, however demanding.  To this end, we take the time to learn about you and your lifestyle, first! This information is synthesized with your medical history to create a comprehensive program that is safe, effective and tailored to your needs.
     Nutrition Therapy and Educational Services Includes:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Medical, Dietary and Lifestyle History
  • Analysis of Your Current Diet
  • Determination of Calorie and Nutrient Requirements
  • Establishing Body Weight Ideals/Goals
  • Complete Meal/Dietary Planning
  • Food Selection and Preparation
  • Interpreting Food Labels
  • Evaluation for Potential Food-Medication Interactions
  • Dietary Supplement Needs Assessment and Planning
  • Supportive Materials
  • Healthful Recipes
  • Self-Management Training